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Torbjörn Tyler Torbjorn.Tyler at ekol.lu.se
Fri Jun 13 07:49:45 CDT 2008

Dear colleagues,

I write to inform you that Nordic Journal of 
Botany has now been successfully restructured and 
fully modernized and is now heading for the 
future as a leading international journal in the 
fields of botanical and mycological systematics, 
diversity, conservation, evolution and 
biogeography. The first two double isues produced 
by Oikos Editorial Office is now available on the 
internet http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/loi/NJB 
and NJB 25(1-2) is available FOR FREE at this 
address. In addition, all previous volumes of NJB 
(vol. 1-24)  are now  digitalized and available 
as pdf:s on Blackwell Synergy. You'll find more 
information on our home page 

Herfore, I like to invite you to submit any new 
manuscript of yours to us and I assure you that 
they will be professionally and promptly handled. 
If they are accepted for publication they may 
appear in print within a few mounths only.

In addition, since many libraries finished their 
subscription to Nordic Journal of Botany when the 
journal went through a major crizis 2006-07, I 
encourage you to check with your librarian such 
that you don't miss any of the exciting articles 
due for our next issues.

Nordic Journal of Botany, with predecessors 
dating back to 1839, which has upheld the 
Linnaean tradition of botanical publication from 
the Nordic countries, is from 2007 onwards edited 
by the reputed Oikos Editorial Office in 
cooperation with Wiley-Blackwell. The journal has 
got a completely new and young set of editors, a 
new layout and format, allowing full-colour 
illustrations. Moreover, each volume will have a 
different colour photo on the cover and all 
accepted manuscripts are swiftly available 
online. In addition, we have reduced the handling 
time of a manuscript from submission to 
publication to an absolute minimum. We have left 
no stone unturned.

What remains unchanged, however, is the aim of 
the journal, i.e. to carry on in the Linnaean 
botanical tradition and publish scientific papers 
of high quality and of prime international 
interest. The description and naming of 
previously unknown organisms from throughout the 
world will continue to be an essential part of 
this tradition. However, the heritage of 
Linnaeus, and thus the scope of Nordic Journal of 
Botany, includes all biological sciences of 
importance for our understanding of global 
biodiversity. No doubt, such research will become 
increasingly important as the ongoing global 
changes and the threats to biodiversity worldwide 
proceeds, and as Editor-in-Chief it is my aim 
that Nordic Journal of Botany will follow this 
trend into the future as a broad journal for 
botanical biodiversity research. Contributions 
devoted to systematics (including phylogenetics, 
genetic variation within and among taxa, 
nomenclature and descriptions and revisions of 
taxa), biogeography, conservation biology and 
recent changes and threats to botanical diversity 
are welcomed. In addition, manuscripts on macro- 
and micro-anatomy, cytology, reproductive 
biology, ecophysiology, mycology, lichenology and 
phycology are welcomed provided that the findings 
are presented in a taxonomic, evolutionary or 
biogeographical context. It is my intention and 
goal that Nordic Journal of Botany will continue 
to be both an important source for 
basic/descriptive information of relevance for 
taxonomic, evolutionary, ecological and 
biogeographical research and an arena for 
high-quality experimental, mechanistical or 
theoretical studies within these disciplines.

Volume 25 of Nordic Journal of Botany, the first 
published after the abovementioned complete 
restructuring of the journal, is soon to be 
completed consisting of 3 full 256-page double 
issues with no less than 65 articles. The first 
of these double issues was mainly devoted to the 
description of new taxa from all around the world 
and papers dealing with the work of Linnaeus, 
whereas in the two latter issues as diverse 
subjects as the competitive ability of invasive 
species, the pollination biology of orchids and 
figs, the genetic structure and phylogeography of 
trees in desert oases and the taxonomic 
significance of new chorological and 
palynological data in various plant groups are 
covered. Apart from vascular plants, bryophytes, 
desmids, lichens, macro- and micro-fungi are 
treated. Manuscripts are now handled and 
evaluated by a team of 21 merited subject 
editors, each responsible for one of the main 
subjects covered by the journal.

With volume 26, the first issue of which is now 
under production, Nordic Journal of Botany will 
return to a regular bi-monthly production 
schedule with six issues per year. All previous 
volumes of the journal are available online and 
accepted manuscripts awaiting publication will be 
made available as Online Early. Colour 
illustrations are regularly included in the 
online publication, but will also be included in 
the printed version on the expenses of the 
author. During 2008, the routines of the new, 
young and enthusiastic editorial team will be 
further trimmed and production times and the time 
from submission to final acceptance will be even 
shorter. In short, we assure to make Nordic 
Journal of Botany a most attractive journal for 
both authors and readers and it is my firm belief 
that we will succeed in our attempts to continue 
the Nordic Linnaean tradition by producing a 
truly international journal with ever increasing 
reputation and long standing impact from 
Linnaeus' home country.

Torbjörn Tyler

Torbjörn Tyler, Ph.D,

- Curator at herbarium LD.
- Editor in Chief of Nordic Journal of Botany.
- Deputy secretary of Lund Botanical Society, 
with special responsibility for Projekt Skånes 
- Responsible for the project The Hieracia of Sweden.

Botanical Museum
Ö. Vallgatan 18
SE-223 61 Lund

tel. +(0)46-222 89 65

e-mail: torbjorn.tyler at botmus.lu.se

Private address: Bredgatan 12B, SE-243 32 Höör (=Hoeoer), tel. +(0)413-23123.

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