[Taxacom] Platanus and Acer but none

singhg at sify.com singhg at sify.com
Tue Jun 17 14:06:17 CDT 2008

Dear Members

On my first visit to California in USA, I was fascinated to see many plants from

my native place Kashmir (Platanus, Magnolia, Tragopogon,Taraxacum, etc) and many

tropical plants from my place of Work, Delhi (Gravillea,Callistemon, etc) ; and

many more unique to this part of world. One tree that struck me grows in

apartment complex in Sunnyvale. It was reported to me as maple, but it has

fruit balls hanging like Platanus. I have not been able to place this tree. The

leaves look like Acer pseudoplatinus, are totally green on both sides,

alternate, with no enlarged stipules; but with Platanus like single fruit

hanging from branches. Before I get hold of book on local flora, and upload

some photographs, can any member give me any clues about its identification.

Gurcharan Singh  

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