[Taxacom] accepted names using the uBio web services?

Ken-ichi Ueda kueda at ischool.berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 18 02:29:10 CDT 2008

Hi all,

Is there a way to get the currently accepted name of an outdated taxon
name using the uBio web services?

For example, if I call namebank_search for "Hyla crucifer," an
outdated scientific name of Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper, a frog
from the eastern US), I get several namebank objects back at the
species level: 2812644, 6805040, 655121, and 4827754. Calling
namebank_object on each of these returns lots of data about the names,
but nothing I can see that indicates a link to the accepted name,
Pseudacris crucifer. Looking at these IDs on the website (say,
http://www.ubio.org/browser/details.php?namebankID=655121), it seems
that uBio can make that link, at least in the classification. The
results from classificationbank_search and classificationbank_object
didn't seem to provide any connections to an accepted name either.

So, can anyone recommend a way to get at name status using the uBio
web services?  Am I missing something, or is this just not possible?

My apologies if this is too technical (or perhaps too simple!) for
this list.  If there's a more code-oriented biodiversity informatics
list somewhere, please let me know.


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