[Taxacom] uBio queries and apostrophes / single quotes

Ken-ichi Ueda kueda at ischool.berkeley.edu
Sat Jun 21 00:41:01 CDT 2008

Hi folks,

I have run into a fun problem: it seems that single quotes and
apostrophes break uBio's namebank_search XML web service and the
search feature on their website.  Here's an example from the website:


No results.  However their autocomplete feature resolves the single
quote just fine, as you will see if you try the search manually, or
check out their autocomplete endpoint:


I suppose I could just parse the HTML fragments from
http://www.ubio.org/searchHelp.php instead of relying on their
XML-based web services, but I'd prefer to stick with the XML if that's

Does anyone know if there's some way I can encode my request URL so
that the single quote is preserved and I get a match?


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