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Two new records of the genus Vaucheria A.P. de Candolle 
(Vaucheriaceae, Xanthophyceae) for the Pacific Coast of 
Mendoza-González, A.C. | Mateo-Cid, L.E. | Aguilar-Rosas, 
R. | Aguilar-Rosas, L.E.

The family Icacinaceae in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Gutiérrez-Báez, C.

Aquatic flora of the province of Camagüey, Cuba
Plasencia-Fraga, J.M.

Young gametophytes and sporophytes of two pteridophytes: 
Asplenium monanthes L. (Aspleniaceae-Pteridophyta) and 
Elaphoglossum minutum (Pohl ex Fée) T. Moore 
Sánchez-Montiel, L. | Arreguín-Sánchez, M.L. | 
Fernández-Nava, R.

Vegetation and flora of woods relictual Picea chihuahuana 
Martinez from northern Mexico
García-Arévalo, A.

Tree Structure and temporal variability of NDVI in the 
“low flood” of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Tun-Dzul, F.J. | Vester, H. | Durán-García, R. | Schmook, 

Multivariate analysis for designing the restoration of the 
ultramafic plain of the Natural Reserva from Maraguan in 
Camagüey, Cuba
Acosta-Gutiérrez, Z.G. | Martínez-Quesada, R.E. | 
Plasencia-Fraga, R.J. | Godínez-Caraballo, R.D. | 
Enríquez-Salgueiro, N.

Evaluation of the growing, hemoperoxidases activity and 
phenanthrene removal of the cell culture of Fouquieria 
splendens and Fouquieria fasciculata
Herrera-García, M. | Rodríguez-Dorantes, A.M. | 
Guerrero-Zúñiga, L.A.

Antibacterial activity Annona diversifolia Safford and 
Annona purpurea Mociño & Sessé ex Dunal extracts
Luna-Cazáres, L.M. | González-Esquinca, A.R.

Comparative study of some physicochemical variables from 
water at secondary channels from Xochimilco with and 
without Eichhornia crassipes (Martius) Solms-Laubach
Quiroz-Flores, A. | Miranda-Arce, M.G. | Lot-Helgueras, A.

Homegardens, a Chancah Veracruz, Quintana Roo experience
Rebollar-Domínguez, S. | Santos-Jiménez, V.J. | 
Tapia-Torres, N.A. | Pérez-Olvera, C.P.

Uses of the species of the genus Asclepias L. 
(Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae), information of the 
National Herbarium of Mexico, MEXU
Fernández-Brewer, A.M. | Juárez-Jaimes, V. | 
Cortés-Zárraga, L.

Herbolary and mural painting: medicinal plants in the wall 
of the convent from Divine Salvador of Malinalco, State of 
Zepeda-G., C. | White-O., L.


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