[Taxacom] Wrongly named by scientists

Geoff Read g.read at niwa.co.nz
Thu Jun 26 22:08:45 CDT 2008

Dear Ed,

What's with these guys?


"Wrong names for fish seen complicating conservation"

"About a third of all types of fish and other marine life have been wrongly named by scientists, complicating efforts to conserve what could be a million marine species, experts said on Wednesday."



Concerned taxpayer.

[Cf. orig press release: http://www.coml.org/embargo/worms/CoML_WoRMS-Embargo_Release-June22-08.doc.pdf ]

Reuters: "New species get a two-word Latin name as their formal identity. But scientists often wrongly believe they have found a new species and give [it] a new name."

A little on the simplistic side, but true enough I guess, while hopefully becoming more a thing of the past. Note the word 'wrong' doesn't occur in the press release.

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