[Taxacom] Wrongly named by scientists

B.J.Tindall bti at dsmz.de
Fri Jun 27 01:26:34 CDT 2008

Makes nice reading, but the headlines largely 
centre on the names of marine species that we 
know. There are vast numbers of marine 
microoroganisms (including prokaryotes, mycota 
and protists, etc) that have yet to be formally 
characterised, classified and named. Food webs 
ultimately rely on the organisms we know the least about.

At 05:08 27.06.08, Geoff Read wrote:
>Dear Ed,
>What's with these guys?
>"Wrong names for fish seen complicating conservation"
>"About a third of all types of fish and other 
>marine life have been wrongly named by 
>scientists, complicating efforts to conserve 
>what could be a million marine species, experts said on Wednesday."
>Concerned taxpayer.
>[Cf. orig press release: 
>Reuters: "New species get a two-word Latin name 
>as their formal identity. But scientists often 
>wrongly believe they have found a new species and give [it] a new name."
>A little on the simplistic side, but true enough 
>I guess, while hopefully becoming more a thing 
>of the past. Note the word 'wrong' doesn't occur in the press release.
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