[Taxacom] Language tags for scientific names

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Fri Jun 27 09:05:17 CDT 2008

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>language code could be zxx, Culture TAX (or any other agreed subcode)
>and variant the code of nomenclature.
>Thus: zxx-TAX-BC,  zxx-TAX-ICBN, zxx-TAX-ICZN etc.

The relevant specification would seem to be RFC 4646:


and the examples you provide do not seem to comply with that (not least
because "Language tags are designed so that each subtag type has unique
length"); though that may be fixable. We need to find some one with
expertise in the application of that RFC, and the time to assist us,
I've taken the liberty of contacting it's authors, to ask if there's a
suitable on-line forum for such discussion.

See also:


Andy Mabbett

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