[Taxacom] Language tags for scientific names

Robert Huber rhuber at wdc-mare.org
Sat Jun 28 06:32:34 CDT 2008

Dear Gregor,

Sorry for sending my comments to your email address and not to the taxacom
As far as I know fedora uses the standard DC by default, but you can include
any other XML metadata if you like.
Some instructions to use qualified DC in RDF can be found here:
Regarding the example, I fear I can't help, I havetried to use DC for taxa
:  http://stratigraphynet.blogspot.com/2008/02/dublin-core-for-taxa.html
but for a completely different purpose.
Am I right that you are trying to perform some text mining on a document to
identify taxon names etc and to use some XML to _describe_ the content?
Maybe you can provide some example which can illustrate what you are
planning to do?

best regards,

2008/6/28 Gregor Hagedorn <g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com>:

> Dear Robert
> Many thanks for your comment!
> Dublin Core and the use of content schemas is so high level, that
> although I do understand the concept it is hard to image how this
> would work und RDF (e.g. is it possible in XMP?) or in an html
> document, or in OAI, FEDORA Commons archive, etc.
> E.g. Fedora Commons seems to uses a special xml-schema for DC.
> Do you know examples where people already do this?
> My attaction to the xml-solution is that is obviously would work with
> a wide range of software without additional problem that requires
> excellent people to understand.
> Gregor

>>Dear Gregor,
>>Maybe I am completely wrong, but I don't think you can apply a language
code for this purpose. As you mentioned Dublin Core I assume you will use
the >>subject tag for scientific names? Would it be an option to use
_qualified_ dublin core and use both, the attributes lang (here you should
probably stay with la) >>and scheme by which you could define for example

>>best regards,

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