[Taxacom] Nuttall's species at PH, holotypes vs. lectotypes?

Jurriaan de Vos jurriaan.devos at systbot.uzh.ch
Sat Jun 28 07:12:54 CDT 2008

Dear Koibeatu, and other taxonomists in Ivory Towers,

Apparently you are very much aware that quite a few people lack 'the 
classical training' (as you put it), and I suspect that you would have liked 
a lot more people to have received it.

Now, some people who didn't receive 'classical training' are actually trying 
to make up for this, and use this board to get help from people who have 
more experience in taxonomy.

I would suggest that you could better use your energy to help these people, 
rather than blaming them which may chase them away from taxonomy.

All the best,


On Sat, 28 Jun 2008 04:07:14 -0700
  k kat <koibeatu at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Gods of all Botanists this I pray, preserve me from a going into a raging 
> This post is why we _must_ preserve classical training!!!!
> Alicia/Alina
> Put VERY mildly ---
> use the library, don't be so lazy as to ask someone else to do your 
> look it up and then you will KNOW
> Peace
> Koibeatu

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