[Taxacom] Language tags for scientific names

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sun Jun 29 17:36:46 CDT 2008

In message 
<CFE4C8AA9C89E744B4D0FE50DC5AE303E0C982 at exactn2-cbr.nexus.csiro.au>, 
Donald.Hobern at csiro.au writes

>Sorry - if you're really going to measure support by counting sides in 
>this thread,

I wasn't treating it as a vote; more of a straw poll.

>you'd better move me to the other side because I agree most closely 
>with Jim Croft and Rich Pyle (whom you haven't counted).

Noted; with apologies to you and Richard.

Andy Mabbett

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