Gangolf Jobb gangolf at treefinder.de
Mon Mar 31 04:49:13 CDT 2008

A new unpaid TREEFINDER version is online at:


TREEFINDER is a software to compute phylogenetic trees from molecular 

New features are:

- computation of pairwise ML distances
- construction of distance trees: NJ, BIONJ
- least squares fitting of edge lengths
- more DNA models: J1, J2, J3 (= TIM), TVM
- more protein models: betHIV and witHIV
- improved model proposer
- more efficient TL

Distance trees can be built under topological constraints.

The models J1...J3 represent the 3 possibilities of joining two and two 
transversion parameters of the GTR. They have 3 free rate parameters 
and, together with the TVM, they fill the gap in complexity between the 
TN and the GTR. The model proposer proposes the new models if they are 

The TL interpreter is now three times faster and uses half the memory of 
the previous implementation.

Please note that I am still not being paid for my work and that I had no 
income for years. I wonder if somebody finds TREEFINDER worth offering 
me a compensation, a wage, a position, a perspective.

Gangolf Jobb

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