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Here a follow up on access and exchange of Indian (insect) species

Entomologists stifled by Indian bureaucracy

 'Biopiracy' concerns thwart insect hunters.
K. S. Jayaraman 
The Western Ghats mountains in India are rich in insect life.DINODIA
An international collaboration to study insects in the Western Ghats
mountains in southern India has been unable to get off the ground because of
government concerns over biopiracy.
Krishnamoorthy Venkataraman, secretary of the NBA, says that the rules aim
to fight biopiracy and not to stop basic research. "There is no restriction
on collection or export of a few specimens for research," he told Nature.
"But exporting 200,000 specimens is not permissible." The NBA encourages
Indian scientists to send photographs or digital images to collaborators
abroad instead of actual specimens, he says.
Dharmarajan hopes that the Indian government will follow the example of
Brazil, which repealed its initially tough rules for biological specimens
after protests by scientists.


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