[Taxacom] Reference for Mexican flora

Pacific Rim paige at hillkeep.ca
Fri Mar 7 14:11:09 CST 2008

In lieu of a Flora of all Mexico, which does not yet exist, another 
publication has been highly recommended to me, but I cannot locate a copy to 
buy. Can anyone suggest where to look for second-hand botany and ecology 
books in Spanish? Maybe one of you has a copy you don't want?

The book is Biological Diversity of Mexico: origins and distribution / 
Diversidad Biológica de México: orígenes y distribución, edited by T. P. 
Ramamoorthy, Robert Bye, Antonio Lot and John Fa.

An apparently bilingual Spanish-English edition was published in 1993 by 
Oxford University Press. UNAM, the national university of Mexico, published 
another edition, perhaps only in Spanish, in 1998. The UNAM version is still 
listed as for sale on the university's website, but my emails are not 

This book sounds as though it must be a treasured possession of many 
botanists in Mexico.

Of course -- yes -- by all means I would like to hear of other detailed 
surveys of the Mexican flora, but above all I hope someone can help me get a 
copy of this one.

All hints welcome.

Paige Woodward
paige at hillkeep.ca

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