[Taxacom] Smythies prize announcement

Richard Zander Richard.Zander at mobot.org
Fri Mar 21 15:17:33 CDT 2008

The Linnean Society of London announced that the Jill Smythies Award for
Botanical Illustration for 2007 will go to Patricia M. Eckel, of the
Bryology Group, Missouri Botanical Garden. The Award is given to a
botanical artist for excellence in published illustrations in aid of
plant identification, with the emphasis on botanical accuracy and the
accurate portrayal of diagnostic characteristics. Eckel specializes in
bryological artwork, and she recently completed illustrations for volume
27 of the Flora of North America. She is also a bryologist with many
publications, the Botanical Latin Editor for three professional
journals, and maintains a Web site describing the vascular flora and
plant history of the Niagara Falls area. The Award, which comes with a
purse and silver medal, will be given to her in a ceremony in London in
May, 2008.


Samples of her work are at:


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