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Heike Vibrans heike_texcoco at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Mar 27 10:04:01 CDT 2008

> I just wonder what the ratio is of the figures 
> "knowledgeable users" to "less-knowledgeable 
> users" to "average users who are looking to the 
> web to provide an answer"? Is it 1:1:1, 100:10:1 or
> 1:10:100?

I would rather suspect something like 1:2:1000 or 10
000. I don't think that projects like Wikispecies is
the proper place for airing disagreements and
discussing world views between taxonomists. GBIF is
perhaps a better place for this.

And yes, we do need some sort of a consensus
classification, that doesn't change every year (though
some mechanism for change has to exist, but it should
be conservative). Taxonomy and systematics have a
scientific purpose, but they also have a much more
consequential practical one. As a matter of fact, I
believe that the taxonomic community has an obligation
to provide this, as we can't expect end users to make
these decisions.

Just imagine going to a doctor with a broken arm, and
he starts by listing 112 ways to inmovilize it,
without any willingness to tell you which one would be



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