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Edwards, G.B. edwardg at doacs.state.fl.us
Thu Mar 27 15:02:27 CDT 2008

>...  We can't even agree on how we *should* apply names to taxa, even
if we did know the phylogeny with certainty.


>Ocydromus, ranked as a subgenus of Bembidion in a conservative
classification, but as a genus with several subgenera in a (regionally
preferred) alternative classification...


Isn't this precisely why we had recent comments on this list about
whether classifications, or at least certain taxon levels, should be
conservative or not?  And isn't this why we get proposals for taxon
names of unspecified rank, or the eschewing of names altogether?  After
all, if you have the phylogeny worked out, all you really need is the
kingdom, a species identifier, and the connecting structure.  I've never
been a supporter of getting rid of intermediate names, they seem kind of
handy to me (except when nobody can agree on them or what level they
should be), but I can see the appeal.  ;-)
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