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A research professor named Renee,
Cloned people from ape DNA.
The project went well,
As anyone can tell,
'Cuz they're all in Parliament today.


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> On Thu, November 6, 2008 6:38 pm, John Grehan wrote:
>> Zhang et al 2008. Mol Biol Evol 25: 1493-1502. Molecular evolution of a
>> primate-specific microRNA family.
>> p. 1495. "It was shown that mouse, rate, and dog do not have homologs of
>> the miRNAs in this family; therefore, the emergence and rapid expansion
>> of this miRNA family ARE RESTRICTED TO PRIMATES" (emphasis mine). The
>> last bit seems to be stupid because there is nothing to preclude this
>> family being in any other non-primate group. Am I wrong on this?
> Rodents + lagomorphs are sister to primates (with some small groups
> thrown in) and carnivores are part of the group sister to that, so for
> the miRNAs to be ancestral would require two losses, or a loss and a
> gain.  The sentence probably should have been phrased as "likely
> restricted to primates", but it's a reasonable conclusion.
> Karl
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