[Taxacom] More down the Yellow brick road

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Fri Nov 7 09:05:23 CST 2008

In an earlier posting I traced the sources of the human-chimpanzee molecular phylogeny in Enard & Pääbo (2004) to Goodman (1999) then to Goodman et al (1998)where the beta globin gene was said to give a "well resolved picture" as sourced from Koop et al (1989), Bailey et al., 1992, and Porter et al 1997a.

I covered Koop et al (1989) which produced only eight human African ape apomorphies from an outgroup of only 7 species, and yet claimed to generate a human-chimpanze clade (cladistically impossible given the data).

I now looked at Bailey et al (1992). They looked at 6,720 sequences covering all the hominoid groups as well as 7 outgroup species. I found putative apomorphies as follows:

Pan-Gorilla 3
Homo-African ape 4
Homo-chimp 1

I now have Porter et al 1997 where 42 species were analyzed so that will be interesting - if I can get hold of the original aligned data set (they only published new sequences).

John Grehan

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