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Robert Huber rhuber at wdc-mare.org
Thu Nov 13 04:43:29 CST 2008

Dear Bruno,

Some of these abbreviations look familiar, such as auct. or pt. and are
quite common.
The 'plus' resembles to the cross symbol which I think is to determine the
expiration of a taxon name.
I have not yet seen these => arrows.

It is rather difficult to recommend something on the usage of such
notations. Some paleo journals recommend Open Nomenclature notations of
Bengtson, 1988 and Mathews, 1973:

- Bengtson, Peter: Open Nomenclature, Palaeontology, Volume 31, Part 1,
1988, Pages 223-227.
- Matthews, S.C.: Notes on open Nomenclature and on synonymy lists,
Palaeontology, Volume 16, Part 4, 1973, Pages 713-719.

Another list of abbreviations can be found in:

- Richter, R.: Einführung in die Zoologische Nomenklatur, Kramer, Frankfurt
a. Main, 1948, 252 Pages.

and there certainly are more publications dealing with that issue?

IMHO the most important thing ist that it is the used notation style is
documented somewhere. The author cites GRANZOW, so it should be fine to use
these symbols? But... these symbols should be unambiguous, so if the plus is
rather a cross I would avoid this notation...

BTW.: Unfortunately there is no comprehensive list of abbreviations
available in the Internet (at least I could not find one).
I am very interested what the other list members think: would such a list be
helpful? Maybe this could be some (WIKI?) community effort..

best regards,

2008/11/11 Bruno Granier <granierbruno at orange.fr>

> Dear Paleoneters,
> I am currently reviewing a paper dealing with systematics and I face a
> problem with some abbreviations used by the author in his synonymy lists
> as I am not familiar with them (I don't remember I met such
> abbreviations some day in my limited field of paleontological interests
> : large benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae).
> The quoted text follows:
> "Abbreviations used are in according with GRANZOW (2000). In addition,
> the following abbreviations are used: aut. = autorum (a composit
> species), auct. = auctorum (according to various authors but not
> necessary the first), "+" = invalid: a nomen dubium, nomen nudum, or
> nomen nullum (= secondary typing error), "=>" = therefore, and "pt" =
> partim."
> Here is the ref. attached to the text:
> "GRANZOW W. (2000).- Abkürzungen und Symbole in der biologischen
> Nomenklatur. – Senckenbergiana lethaea, Frankfurt am Main, Bd. 80, p.
> 355-370."
> Finally, hereafter I listed a few questions:
> Did you either see such abbrevations in your discrete fields of
> paleontological expertise?
> Do you know the above Granzow's paper?
> Do you use any of these symbols?
> Would you recommend to use / not to use some symbols?
> Thank you in advance for your consideration.
> Bruno Granier
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