[Taxacom] software DIVA

Vesna Karaman-Castro vkaraman at utep.edu
Thu Nov 13 12:04:07 CST 2008

Anybody familiar with the software DIVA?

I am trying to use DIVA, a software for reconstruction of ancestral 
distribution in phylogeny. For some reason, the program will not open 
the file. Instead, as it is processing the file this is what appears 
on the screen: "AC3.txt opened as proc file" and then: "error - too 
many characters in input". After pressing yes to continue the 
process, the second message appears: "error - duplicated or incorrect 
number of tokens". The tree at the end of the file, however, was read 
successfully. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

The file I am trying to upload is a nexus file created in MacClade, 
and then saved as txt file, as stated in the DIVA's manual. The 
characters are binary. There are only 54 taxa, and 8 characters, that 
is way below the upper limit given by the author of the software. The 
names of all the species are reduced to only 5 letters, and none of 
them are the same. I also used the example file that came with the 
software as a template for mine, but it did not work out. I just can 
not spot where the problem is. Which are those extra characters and 
incorrect tokens?

Here is part of the matrix:
hlanc           00100000
smuel           00100000
pglob           00100000
avulg           00000010
afoen           01000000
aarve           01000010

I hope somebody will be able to help me. You can contact me directly, 
off the list.
Thanks in advance.


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