[Taxacom] Origin of New Caledonian Biogeography

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Dear Robin,

I agree that the role of tectonics is overestimated in Head's paper. In
contrast, other factors  -such as climate! - which could explain such
patterns much better are not discussed at all.
This map for example (
http://www.cartographie.ird.fr/images/caledonie/climat_11.gif) shows rain
fall distribution in New Caledonia. The rain rich area in the southeastern
part quite nicely matches the concentration of many litzard species/clades
here. And as you already mention soil chemistry might als be very important.

best regards,

2008/11/18 Robin Leech <releech at telusplanet.net>

> Dear All,
>         Concerning the biological disjunction along the West Caledonian
>  fault, John Grehan says that  "It may have undergone 150-200 km of
>  lateral movement and it is suggested that this has caused the biological
>  disjunction by pulling populations apart."
>        However, given the accretionary nature which he attributes to
>  New Caledonia's geology, I would suggest that it is probably not this
>  "lateral movement" which has caused such biological disjunctions, but
>  rather differences in the ability of certain organisms to tolerate
>  extremely ultramafic soils (often deadly to species not adapted to
>  them).  The lateral movement itself is probably far too slow
>  geologically to account for these distributions, while soil chemistry
>  differences would probably be a much greater factor.  In other words, it
>  is more ecological than geographical.   I wonder if Heads (and Grehan)
>  took this into account?                             ---------Ken Kinman
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