[Taxacom] Origin of New Caledonian Biogeography

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Just to conclude and clarify: It seems as if you believe in the conclusions
of this paper while I am not convinced.  Btw. I did read this paper in
enough detail to find these two short sentences on climate on page 472.
And I promise: I will never join discussions on panbiogeography again unless
I can provide some peer reviewed and published arguments ;)


2008/11/18 John Grehan <jgrehan at sciencebuff.org>

> In response to earlier rhetorical comments:
> > bounces at mailman.nhm.ku.edu] On Behalf Of Robert Huber
> > I agree that the role of tectonics is overestimated in Head's paper.
> I look forward to seeing the relevant biogeographic analysis in support.
> > In contrast, other factors  -such as climate! - which could explain
> such
> > patterns much better are not discussed at all.
> On p. 472 Heads does address both soil type (raised by Kinman) and
> climate to point out that there is no obvious relationship between the
> disjunctions and either factor. Others may disagree, but I wait to see
> their published analyses.
> The rain rich area in the southeastern
> > part quite nicely matches the concentration of many litzard
> species/clades
> > here. And as you already mention soil chemistry might als be very
> > important.
> But the biogeographic patterns referred to go beyond this immediate
> region.
> I think it is great that the paper elicits interest of this kind,
> although I hope that people will read the paper in detail before
> commenting.
> John Grehan
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