[Taxacom] Origin of New Caledonian Biogeography

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Tue Nov 18 14:20:29 CST 2008

Of course the relevance of something that does not appear is obscure.
How could it be otherwise?

In what way does the lizard distribution not follow the structure Heads
referred to?

John Grehan

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> > And I promise: I will never join discussions on panbiogeography
> unless
> > I can provide some peer reviewed and published arguments ;)
> Actually, apart from the title, the word panbiogeography hardly
> (twice in the conclusions), and the word track never appears. So its
> relevance is obscure.
> I struggled to believe after failing to concur with the author's
> statement that 'It was observed that the lizard disjunction in New
> Caledonia (Fig. 1A) follows a major geological structure, the sillon
> furow.'  And the word 'follow' just doesn't hack it as a useful
> term.
> Geoff
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