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Jaakko Hyvönen jaakko.hyvonen at helsinki.fi
Tue Nov 25 13:30:39 CST 2008

Dear colleagues,  please, find below info about 
the upcoming congress in Finland. If you need 
further info, please, do NOT contact me. I am 
sending this on behalf of a colleague 
(leif.schulman at helsinki.fi) who is in charge.

>Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 21:24:26 +0200
>To: "Leif Schulman" <leif.schulman at helsinki.fi>
>From: Jaakko Hyvönen <jaakko.hyvonen at helsinki.fi>
>Subject: Re: EuroGard-congress

>>A cross-sectoral scientific-technical congress on plants
>>The fifth European Botanic Gardens Congress 
>>'EuroGard V - Botanic Gardens in the Age of 
>>Climate Change' is to be held in Helsinki, 
>>Finland on June 8-12 2009. The call for papers 
>>invites contributions from many plant-related 
>>fields such as systematics, conservation, 
>>public education, and scientific plant 
>>collections. Please visit 
>>for further information and registration.

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