[Taxacom] LANDSAT images freely available

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Wed Nov 26 16:14:48 CST 2008

Great news, and particularly valuable for taxonomists interested in
discovering and documenting life before it goes extinct.

Satellite images help us to prioritise areas for salvage sampling by
showing us those natural areas which are becoming/have become heavily
modified by human use. The worst affected areas need to be sampled
first. (The other two priority determinants in answering the question
'Where should I collect first?' are past collecting in the area, and
proximity to reserves. The more past collecting and the nearer the
reserve, the less the priority for salvage.)

Although LANDSAT satellite image resolution isn't high, it's good enough
to help with fine-scale studies. I demonstrated this last year

Mesibov, R. 2008. Millipede salvage in southwest Victoria. Victorian
Naturalist 125(4): 96-103.

by comparing 60-year-old, georegistered aerial photographs in GIS with
recent LANDSAT images. The aerial photos extended the then-and-now from
1972 back to 1947-50.
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