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Subject: Beyond Cladistics: A Festschrift for Chris Humphries


Beyond Cladistics 

A Festschrift for Chris Humphries


1st ‐ 3rd October 2008 


At The Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BF 


As an approach to the discovery of phylogenetic relationships among organisms, cladistics took the systematics community by storm. According to David Hull, in his 1988 account of its history, cladistics was winning out everywhere; according to Colin Patterson, cladistics “began in the late 1960s, accelerated in the 1970s, and was virtually complete by the eighties”; in contrast, Gareth Nelson suggested that cladistics is suffering from “Arrested Development”. This symposium, entitled Beyond Cladistics, in honour of botanist Chris Humphries, will address some general issues relating to cladistics: its past, its present and its future – if, indeed, there is anything beyond cladistics, itself. 





Wednesday 1st October


09.00    Arrival and registration 

09.30    Welcome and introduction by David Cutler, president of the Linnean Society of London 


Session 1 


09.35    David M. Williams         Introduction 

10.00    Chris Humphries            The future of systematics is deeper than you think 

10.30    Kåre Bremer                    Early and late cladistic work on the Asteraceae‐Anthemideae 


11.00    Coffee 


11.30    Dennis Stevenson          Chris, Cycads, and Me 

12.00    Quentin Wheeler            Humphries, Cladistics, and All That Jazz 

12.30    Dick Vane‐Wright          Rooted in Cladistics: Chris Humphries, conservation—and beyond? 


13.00    Lunch 


Session 2: Homology 


14.00    Paula Rudall                   Homology and organ identity 

14.30    Robert Scotland               Homology of flowers with reference to the daffodil corona 

15. 00   Ole Seberg                      Homology in classical and molecular biology – revisited 


15.30    Coffee 


16.00    Paul Kenrick &               The origin of leaves evidence from the fossil record 

            Pat Gensel 

16.30    Vicki Funk                      Evolution on a global scale: understanding the origin and diversification of the Compositae



Thursday 2nd October


Session 3: Biogeography 


09.30    Pauline Ladiges,             Phylogeny and biogeography of the Australian ‘monocalypts’ ‐ 

            Michael Bayly &            Eucalyptus subgenus Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) 

            Gareth Nelson 

10.00    Sandy Knapp &              Floras to phylogenies – why descriptive taxonomy matters 

            Bob Press 

10.30    Dave Bramwell               Island Biodiversity Hotspots, the Challenge of Climate Change 


11.00    Coffee 


11.30    Mark Carine                   Endemism and evolution in Macaronesia 

12.00    Lynne Parenti                 Inferring Process from Pattern: The Biogeography of Wallacea 

12.30    Paul Williams                 Bumblebee biogeography and the Caribbean connection 


13.00 Lunch 


Session 4: Systematics 


14.00    Peter Forey                      The origin of fishes across the South Atlantic 

14.30    Diana Lipscomb              Systematics of Microorganisms in an Era of Global Change: Conservation and Emerging Diseases 

15.00    Francisco Ortega             Early British collectors and observers of the Macaronesian flora: from Chelsea to Kew 


15.30    Coffee 


16.00    Arnoldo Santos               The genus Argyranthemum 

16.30    Dave Williams,               Beyond belief: The steady resurrection of phenetics

            Malte Eabch & 

            Quentin Wheeler 


17.00    Wine reception in the Linnean Society Library 


Friday 3rd October


Session 5 


09.00    Olivier Rieppel               Backing up into the future: another look at monophyly 

09.30    Mick Richardson             Whatever happened to chemical systematics? 

10.00    Richard Bateman            Beyond Mayr: what is the minimum number of species concepts needed to pursue 21st century biology? 

10.30    Steve Blackmore &         Ontogeny and Systematics revisited: developmental models and

            Alexandra Wortley         model organisms 

11.00    Johannes Vogel               Close 



Registration £25 (£5 for students) 



For full details and registration visit www.linnean.org/index.php?id=135 <http://www.linnean.org/index.php?id=135>  

Or contact Kate Longhurst: kate at linnean.org <mailto:kate at linnean.org>  +44 (0)20 7434 4479 Ext. 11



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