[Taxacom] two new tools with potential in taxonomy and beyond

Fabian Haas fhaas at icipe.org
Fri Sep 5 02:19:29 CDT 2008

well the kind we do in biology and systematics needs some more 
specialised equipment with macro capabilities, saying a good 
macro-tulip-setting or a filter screw so you can attached good close up 
lenses (I take the Nikon T series lenses, excellent quality!). So 
probably the P6000 wont make us happy.

I would rather go for a DSLR and an attached GPS device, such as the one 
from www.Solmeta.com, I think there are others on the market. Ricoh has 
another camera with built in chip set.

In any case the connection between coordinates and photos is obvious and 
there is a large community out there doing that (www.locr.com, just 
another example). I think the fusion will come, and there is no reason 
why not to use it! I am looking forward to do so.


Karl Magnacca wrote:
> On Thu, September 4, 2008 10:08 pm, Donat Agosti wrote:
>> I assume that these two new tools will have a tremendous effect the way
>> we work.
>> The New Nikon P6000, the first small compact 13.5Megapixel camera with
>> GPS built in and thus allowing to GPS every image.
>> http://www.dpreview.com/news/0808/08080702nikonp6000.asp
> I kind of wonder what kind of reception such a small GPS receiver will
> get, considering how much trouble a dedicated one has.  On the camera
> side, the lens only goes to f5.9.  Not gonna cut it for taking any kind
> of closeup; my Canon does f8.0 and that's barely tolerable, not good
> enough for anything serious, and there's a big difference in that step. 
> I also wonder about having a 13.5Mp sensor in a compact camera as well;
> mine is 10.0, but pixel-for-pixel it's considerably noisier than my old
> 4Mp camera, so overall the quality isn't that much better.
> Sorry for sounding like a naysayer.  It is a good idea!
> Karl
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