[Taxacom] two new tools with potential in taxonomy and beyond

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The point is not, that you could do things better (not doubt), but that
there is a first compact camera in the prize range (USD500) that many more
people can afford to get it and use it. Clearly, there are limitations
regarding Zoom and macro, but a huge amount of information does not depend
on them, and often is observed when you do not have your special equipment
at hand. The future will give us such gadgets.

Furthermore, the camera is has Wlan access, and thus you could just go home
upload your images, add some little metadata (eg what you see) and send it
to a web site where it can be viewed. No need to type in coordinates from
you GPS, if you have one at all, and copy it from the camera to the pc and
from there onwards


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well the kind we do in biology and systematics needs some more 
specialised equipment with macro capabilities, saying a good 
macro-tulip-setting or a filter screw so you can attached good close up 
lenses (I take the Nikon T series lenses, excellent quality!). So 
probably the P6000 wont make us happy.

I would rather go for a DSLR and an attached GPS device, such as the one 
from www.Solmeta.com, I think there are others on the market. Ricoh has 
another camera with built in chip set.

In any case the connection between coordinates and photos is obvious and 
there is a large community out there doing that (www.locr.com, just 
another example). I think the fusion will come, and there is no reason 
why not to use it! I am looking forward to do so.


Karl Magnacca wrote:
> On Thu, September 4, 2008 10:08 pm, Donat Agosti wrote:
>> I assume that these two new tools will have a tremendous effect the way
>> we work.
>> The New Nikon P6000, the first small compact 13.5Megapixel camera with
>> GPS built in and thus allowing to GPS every image.
>> http://www.dpreview.com/news/0808/08080702nikonp6000.asp
> I kind of wonder what kind of reception such a small GPS receiver will
> get, considering how much trouble a dedicated one has.  On the camera
> side, the lens only goes to f5.9.  Not gonna cut it for taking any kind
> of closeup; my Canon does f8.0 and that's barely tolerable, not good
> enough for anything serious, and there's a big difference in that step. 
> I also wonder about having a 13.5Mp sensor in a compact camera as well;
> mine is 10.0, but pixel-for-pixel it's considerably noisier than my old
> 4Mp camera, so overall the quality isn't that much better.
> Sorry for sounding like a naysayer.  It is a good idea!
> Karl
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