[Taxacom] Australian innovation report recommends Open Access to research outputs, Creative Commons for government documents, open standards for publishing

Glen Newton - NRC/CNRC CISTI/ICIST Research glen.newton at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Wed Sep 10 09:39:28 CDT 2008


Note recognition of collections:

"National collections To drive cumulative knowledge creation
researchers and others must have access to high quality data and
information on developments not just in their field but beyond. For
instance, Jeff Furman and Scott Stern have calculated that Biological
Resource Centres that are repositories of biological materials
(including cell lines, microorganisms and DNA material) have boosted
cumulative scientific knowledge by three times more than alternative
institutional structures.1 Australian physicist Michael Nielsen has
stressed the importance of unlocking scientific information in
scientific journals to make it more easily discoverable, searchable
and useable to enable the cross-disciplinary search for knowledge: We
should aim to create an open scientific culture where as much
information as possible is moved out of people's heads and labs, onto
the network, and into tools which can help us structure and filter the
information. This means everything - data, scientific opinions,
questions, ideas, folk knowledge, workflows, and everything else - the
works. Information not on the network can't do any good. 

Recommendation 7.9
Funding models and institutional mandates should recognise the
research and innovation role and contributions of cultural agencies
and institutions responsible for information repositories, physical
collections or creative content and fund them accordingly. 

Recommendation 7.10
A specific strategy for ensuring the scientific knowledge produced in
Australia is placed in machine searchable repositories be developed
and implemented using public funding agencies and universities as

-Glen Newton

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