[Taxacom] The Reality (or not) of Species (again!)`

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They, they, they - who are they? All cladists? Some cladists? And when
is one a cladist?

John Grehan

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> At 10:59 PM 9/14/2008, Curtis Clark wrote:
> >My objection is to the use of "species not real" as an excuse for
> >ignoring entire levels of evolutionary pattern and process.
> Is anyone really advocating that?  I certainly am not.  I brought it
> because I think too many cladists have their noses so close to the
> grindstone that they lose sight of the *reality* underlying what their
> method attempts to reflect.  In other words, it seems that the
> representation BECOMES the reality for many.  They lose sight of the
> living
> organisms represented by the terminal dots and the biological
> that cause those branch lengths.  Art Cronquist said something about
> unbridled search for truth becoming an elegant minuet," where getting
> neat and pretty stick figure is more important than finding out what
> happened.
> I'll be clear.  I do not advocate ignoring anything.  In fact, THAT is
> accusation of many cladists: that they IGNORE too much reality in a
> desperate desire to make their method "work".  It's a house of cards.
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