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Brad Boyle bboyle at email.arizona.edu
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Hi Julia:

Kevin Nixon at Cornell has several image-rich keys available on his
website www.plantsystematics.org. Click on "Keys" in the upper left.
Try "Families of Dicotyledons" and "Neotropical Fern Genera". The
family key gets a lot of use. The individual keys can be downloaded to
a handheld device; useful for field id, although perhaps not relevant
to your project.


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> Dear all
> I am looking for suggestions for favourite online or other 
> computer-based identification keys.
> This is for a new project with the Royal BC Museum (Canada) to create 
> online keys which are primarily aimed at the general public (or that 
> part of the general public which is interested in species-level 
> identification of their local fauna). The first two projects are 
> grasses and chitons (polyplacophoran molluscs) -- the idea is to use 
> a platform which can accommodate both of these and others in future.
> Just to be clear, I am *not* interested in being pointed to software 
> (Lucid, Xper2, etc etc etc) but instead to specific, working and 
> available examples that you have used and would recommend as a model 
> for presentation and interactivity.
> If you have used a key -- for any group of fauna or flora -- that you 
> would recommend as a model for this project, can you please let me 
> know?
> Thanks to all in advance!
> Cheers,
> Julia
> --
> Julia Sigwart, PhD
> Collections-based Biology in Dublin
> University College Dublin &
> National Museum of Ireland
> http://www.ucd.ie/cobid/sigwart.htm


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