[Taxacom] "Why would you waste your time editing Wikipedia?"

Una Smith una.smith at att.net
Sat Sep 20 00:20:42 CDT 2008

I agree with Doug.  Building link density internally and externally is
a lot of work.  BTDT.  If *one* excellent page exists on the web, it
might be found by Wikipedia editors and linked.  But what about when
there are a lot of excellent (or just good) pages?  The choice becomes
pick one above the others or pick none, and the trend I see emerging
is to pick none.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that Wikipedia allows no
original research.  Thus, personal observations of specimens cannot
inform a Wikipedia article directly;  there must be a published
reliable source.  That is not to say your expertise is not valuable,
but expertise in field or herbarium does not trump looking things
up in a library.

	Una Smith
	New Mexico (very oldtimer on this list)

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