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A while ago I came across this word in a beautiful book about Siberian tigers.  The book is, "Riding the Tiger: Tiger Conservation in Human-Dominated Landscapes," edited by Richard Burge, John Seidensticker, Sarah Christie, Peter Jackson.   John Seidensticker is a big cat conservationist at the Smithsonian and might know the word or know which of the Russian authors of the papers to ask.

Let me know the answer, too.

Kleo Pullin

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> Hi Taxacomers,
> Anyone out there use the word "macroslope" yet?
> I have been reading a manuscript on spiders, and 
> this word was used.  I have never seen it used in 
> English before, and apparently it is a direct translation 
> from the Russian.
> For example, we talk about a mountain slope.  But 
> when the slope is on a range, e.g., The Rocky Mountain 
> Range, then it becomes a macroslope.
> Does anyone have a reference or have an existing 
> definition for it in English?  Any help much appreciated.
> I have asked a geologist and a geographer, but have not 
> yet had a reply from either.
> Robin 
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