[Taxacom] Macroslope and Mesoslope

Robin Leech releech at telusplanet.net
Mon Sep 29 12:54:03 CDT 2008

Hi Taxacomers,

Asking a simple question about "macroslope" has certainly triggered
a whole range of responses.

It appears that there is not a hard and clear definition for "macroslope",
so I am advising the spiderologist to use it with his definition.  That 
will clear up what he means, but there are still other meanings out 
there.  Perhaps in time one definition will settle out.

In the meantime, I draw your attention to a website sent to me last 
night by a botanist friend in Ontario:


Go to page 22 and figure 5: "Slope position (mesoslope) (from Lloyd et al.
1990)."  This figure also shows macroslope positions.

The meanings in this publication are very, very different from those in any 
other reference I have looked at.  In Fig. 5, the macroslope is at the top 
of the mountain, and is very steep.  The mesoslope is lower down and 
is not so steep.  Perhaps A. Ceska of Victoria, BC, will come alive and 
put another spin on all this

The way most seem to be understanding macroslope is that it is the 
slope on a mountain range (versus that on a particular mountain). 


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