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Mario Blanco mblanco at flmnh.ufl.edu
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what you (and other people) see as a "problem" (phylogenetic 
classification) is viewed as a "solution" by others, including me. So, 
your "fixes" (return to a traditional, non-phylogenetic classification) 
will become our "problems", which then we will try to "fix". It all 
depends on your viewpoint. Even among "traditional" taxonomists there 
are competing classifications for certain groups (and the same is true 
for phylogenetic taxonomists).

It is going to be like this probably for the rest of our lifetimes and 
even beyond. That is why I don't think there will ever be a single, 
universally accepted classification. And this discussion will go on and 
on until everyone realizes this point. Which is unlikely, I know.

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Well, there's a problem with the dichotomy, Jim. There are three 
classifications, a traditional one based on morphology (expressed 
traits, anyway), a phylogenetic one based on a combination of morphology 
and phylogeny, and the phylocode.
The trouble is that the phylogenetic one is gradually being changed more 
and more into a purely sister-group classification and the phylogenetic 
one is replacing the morphological one rapidly. "Them" is now "us."
To fix this requires an evaluation of phylogenetic classification (e.g. 
APGII), and if the phylogenetic classification does not truly represent 
what we feel is the best way to present an evolutionarily based 
classification, then to publish an alternative in the field of one's 
expertise. Otherwise there will be a true dichotomy, a complely 
phylogenetic (holophyletic) classification and the phylocode. If we want 
anything else, we must do the work and present it in the marketplace of 
ideas with a thorogoing justification.
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But we do...  one is used by 'us'... and the other is used by 'them'...


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