[Taxacom] ELPT Update: Over 12, 000 literature records available online

Matt Von Konrat mkonrat at fieldmuseum.org
Thu Apr 2 16:05:11 CDT 2009

Dear colleagues (apologies for any cross posting),

We are pleased to announce a valuable literature resource to the biological
community. Over 12,000 records from the combined literature databases
of *Anders
Hagborg and Lars **Söderström* - as part of the Early Land Plants Today
project - are available at the following url:


(or go to http://www.early-land-plants-today.org/ and see Liverwort
Literature in the side bar menu)

The records include publications from books, journals, newsletters, and
published abstracts. Although the focus is on liverwort taxonomy,
nomenclature, and distribution,  broader topics are also covered, e.g.,
ecology, physiology, chemistry, and molecular investigations.

We hope that the bryological and the biological community may find this as a
useful resource.* *Please contact us for overlooked literature and we will
gladly add them.

Thank you - Project Investigators: Matt, Lars, and Anders

The ELPT Project is kindly supported by GBIF (Seed Money: 2007-41)

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