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Tue Apr 7 05:39:15 CDT 2009

Dear colleagues,

This is to remind you that the EPBRS electronic conference entitled “Strategies in Taxonomy:
Research in a Changing World” will start a week from today, on Tuesday 14th April and will run until
Tuesday 5th May 2009.  The results of this electronic conference will be presented at the EPBRS
delegates meeting in Pruhonice, Czech Republic on the 19th - 22nd May 2009. This is a unique
opportunity for taxonomy to be seen and heard in European policy circles.

The EPBRS (European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy) is a forum at which natural and
social scientists, policy-makers and other stakeholders identify structure and focus the
strategically important research that is essential to: 
-	use the components of biodiversity in a sustainable way 
-	maintain ecosystem functions that provide goods and services 
-	conserve, protect and restore the natural world 
-	halt biodiversity loss.

The EPBRS community meets every six months in the EC member state chairing the European Union, on a
scientific topic relevant to the EU research policy. The output of each meeting is a set of
recommendations which are forwarded to member states and to the commission and contribute shaping
the EC research policy and programmes on biodiversity (EC research calls). To prepare the meeting's
discussions, an e-conference is organized prior to the meeting. Recommendations are drafted based on
the e-conference contributions and are discussed at the meeting.

The E-conference preceding the Czech Republic EPBRS meeting will focus on the following questions:

- Inventory and identification: 'What do we have, and how does it fit among its relatives?'
- Understanding patterns and change: 'Where is it, what's happening to it, and where is it going?'
- Ecological functions and services: 'What does it do?'
- Ecological functions and services: 'What does it do it with?'
- Open access to information: 'How do I find out this information and how do I manage it?'

You are kindly invited to subscribe to the electronic conference by filling the subscription form
available at: http://forums.ceh.ac.uk:8080/~biostrat . In case of any difficulty subscribing, please
e-mail Fiona Grant on fian at ceh.ac.uk.  Information on BioStrat e-conferences and how they function
can be found by following the ‘e-conference’ link on the BioStrat website ( http://www.biostrat.org/

Note that there is no need to subscribe if you subscribed to previous BioStrat or BioPlatform
e-conferences – you will automatically have access to this e-conference. If you not longer wish to
be subscribed to this forum please email fian at ceh.ac.uk  as soon as possible. 

We would greatly appreciate your help in forwarding this announcement to anyone who might be

With apologies for cross posting, 
Kind regards,

For the E-conference organizers.

Professor Simon Tillier
CP 43
57 rue Cuvier
75231 Paris cedex 05, France
Tel (33) (0)1 40 79 37 41
Fax (33) (1) 40 79 53 99

Project manager Vanessa Demanoff
Tel (33) (0)1 40 79 32 75
Contact edit at mnhn.fr

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