[Taxacom] ID of this pet rodent species

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Tue Apr 7 16:06:59 CDT 2009

Hi Alex,
      You could very well be correct.  I have no experience with Dryomys
at all, but it is remarkable how similar its markings are to some of
these marsupials.  Of course, a quick look at the pet's teeth will
quickly tell whether it's a rodent or marsupial.  Too bad it didn't
smile for the camera.  :-)
Alex Borisenko wrote:
Hi Ken, 
It appears that there is no clarity on the animal's actual origin, so
South America is not a givem. If you look closely at the photos of the
marsupials you suggested, you will notice that they have more complex
ear structure, compared to the beasts on Yen's pictures and usually a
longer muzzle. 
The short cuddly muzzle of Yen's creatures is pretty suggestive of a
rodent. Besides, opossums do not tend to get fat in the body, because
they deposit fat reserves in their 
tail (don't know about burramyids, honestly). Please check out the
photos of the European forest dormouse, Dryomys nitedula, for
I would bet a substantial sum that it actually is a 
Dryomys... I have seen them alive and know that they do well 
in captivity. 
Best wishes, 

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