[Taxacom] CollectionsWeb/Year of Science

Alan Prather alan at plantbiology.msu.edu
Wed Apr 8 19:10:45 CDT 2009


CollectionsWeb is excited to work with the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) in an effort to increase public understanding of the nature of science and its value to society. A key objective of COPUS is to create new forums for communication and to develop new opportunities for engaging the public with science.  Participants in COPUS are leading the celebration of Year of Science 2009 -- a grassroots celebration of how science works, why science matters, and who scientists are.

CollectionsWeb is serving as a thematic hub for natural history collections.  This means that we want to help you learn how to get involved in this exciting endeavor. Please visit our web site (http://www.collectionsweb.org/get_involved/getinvolved_yearofscience.htm) to determine how you can involve your natural history collection in the Year of Science 2009. We at CollectionsWeb would love to see a strong showing from the museum community, and we encourage you to be an active member in this exciting initiative.

Alan Prather on behalf of CollectionsWeb

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