[Taxacom] More Latin grammar advice

John Landolt jlandolt at shepherd.edu
Mon Apr 13 07:51:13 CDT 2009


A few weeks ago I posted a query about the proper Latin specific  
epithet to accompany the neuter generic name, Dictyostyelium.  Two  
published species names in this genus are D. firmibasis and D.  
myxobasis.  Several persons have suggested that these should have  
been named D. firmibase and D. myxobase in order to be grammatically  
correct and I'd like to find additional support and advice on this so  
that I can handle these names in a proper fashion.

I hope some of you will suffer my classical shortcomings once more  
with a sympathetic response off list.

Thanks in advance.


John Landolt
Research Professor of Biology, Emeritus
Shepherd University
Shepherdstown, WV

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