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Azmira Hmt azmirahmt at ymail.com
Mon Apr 13 22:22:07 CDT 2009

in here, we don't have the books that Mr. Ghafoor should me to look. we just have Flora of Java, Flora of Malaya. In Flora of Java, its just identification key but I need the character morphology that we can different it in the field.

best regard

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Topik: RE: [Taxacom] Trs: Re:  study about cinnamomum
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The botanical description of the two species  should be available in any Flora of South or SE Asia in library of your university. Look for in Flora of Ceylon or 
Flora of China (Chinese species of Cinnamum incl. Cinnamomum burmanii).

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> Subject: [Taxacom] Trs: Re: study about cinnamomum
> thanks Ms. Donna
> I need the description of morphology C. zeylanicum and C. burmanii, did Ms. Donna have literature about it??
> In AND, we have about 15 species of Cinnamomum.
> best regards
> azmira
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> Topik: Re: [Taxacom] study about cinnamomum
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> Azmira, Our herbarium has only 9 specimens of C. camphora from USA
> (Florida, Louisiana, & California).  Let me know if you need label
> information or data.
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