[Taxacom] Phylogenetics workshop, July 2009

John Freudenstein freudenstein.1 at osu.edu
Wed Apr 15 08:47:40 CDT 2009

Workshop in Phylogenetic Methods

Columbus, Ohio, July 13-17, 2009

The Ohio State University and Willi Hennig Society


By popular demand, The Ohio State University-Willi Hennig Society workshop on phylogenetic methods (Columbus, Ohio, July 13-17, 2009) will include a new section of enrollment. In addition to the Fellowship student enrollment with lecture and computer lab, we will offer an "Auditor" enrollment that includes lecture and observation. This section differs from the Fellowship section in that it does not include lodging or hands-on training with the computer programs. 


     The workshop includes a workbook (approximately 300 pages), relevant software (including TNT, POY, Nona, Winclada, Muscle, RaxML, and MrBayes), and lessons lead by Gonzalo Giribet (Harvard University), Kevin Nixon (Cornell University), Ward Wheeler (American Museum of Natural History), Christopher P. Randle (Sam Houston State) and John Wenzel (Ohio State University). A syllabus is available at http://systematics.osu.edu (click on "workshop information").


      Fellowship enrollment (limited to 20 students) is $1200, with one week of lodging included. These students will receive a $600 Hennig Society fellowship paid directly to the workshop, thus they will be responsible for a workshop cost of only $600, plus the cost of transportation to and from the Ohio State campus, and meals. Auditor enrollment fee is $600. No lodging is provided, but we will assist with local arrangements. Auditors also get the workbook and software packages, and are included in the reception mixer and group dinner.


       Applications for full enrollment may be made through http://systematics.osu.edu Click on "workshop information" for details. An application consists of a completed application form (available from the web site), a current CV for the student, and a letter from the student's advisor regarding the relevance of the course to the student's career goals.  Applications are due April 30, 2009, and notification of acceptance will begin by May 15.  Auditor enrollment is available by correspondence with osuphylo at osu.edu, and will close on June 15, 2009. Further information may be obtained by emailing osuphylo at osu.edu.

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