[Taxacom] the environment (and taxonomy) today

Donat Agosti agosti at amnh.org
Thu Apr 23 02:46:33 CDT 2009

Here is an interesting comment to todays Earth Day by Elzabeth Kolbert in
the New Yorker.

"In The Air"



This is especially interesting read in regards of the current state of the
state of biodiversity. People seem not to care so much about it, following
the lukewarm actions on the ground, and biodiversity is hardly on the
international agenda anymore.


This then means, that despite a biodiversity crisis there is no way at the
moment to do something substantial about it, such as creating dedicated
conservation action. Nor will there be more money for taxonomy.


>From that perspective, I wonder what role the forthcoming E-biosphere
meeting in Londong is playing: Hope against any hope? Change this negative
trend? Or might actually lead the fact that more and more small databases
and packets of data are becoming online accessible, being discoverable,
interconnected lead to a quiet revolution once users discover what content
now is or could become available? This might be something that a global
infrastructure without guidance of a truly global research curriculum never
will be able to deliver. And that latter seems not to be on the screen, or
at least is further away than ever.




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