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> Yes, paraphyletic groups have no phylogenetic existence, and are a
> collection of "primitive retentions." But a paraphyletic Pongidae
> be evolutionarily informative (ancestor-descendant) about ancestral
> morphology though not phylogenetically (sister-group) informative.

I suppose it would be informative if the primitive retentions were
listed, and one wanted to know what taxa were represented by a
particular set of primitive retentions. 
> I would not monkey around with this, of course, unless there was some
> decent support for a molecularly paraphyletic Pongidae, 

Understandable if one subordinates systematics to molecular systematics.

but if there
> were, support for a deeply shared ancestor through nonmonophyly would
> a good scientific discovery. This does depend on interpretation. Dare
> accuse John Grehan of orthodoxy?

Given sometimes nasty accusations, orthodoxy is the least of it.

John Grehan

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> As for the paraphyletic 'Pongidae' it has no phylogenetic existence.
> one wants to give a formal taxonomic name to a collectino of primitive
> retentions then ok for those who want to, but its otherwise
> uninforamtive.
> John Grehan

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