[Taxacom] informal catagory between subfamily and family

Barry Roth barry_roth at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 17:42:55 CDT 2009

In an unranked taxonomy some years ago I used the suffixes "-phim" (quasi-Hebraic, think "Seraphim") and "-niki" with the stem of the traditional family-group name.  Speaking of "Helminthoglyptaphim" and "Helminthoglyptaniki" has sometimes got me some funny looks, but they are euphonious names and fun to use.  Because, as you say, your names will be informal, and therefore outside the scope of the ICZN, you might as well have a good time coining them.  With luck, they will be used long into the future.
Barry Roth

--- On Thu, 4/23/09, Sharkey, Michael J <msharkey at uky.edu> wrote:

Dear all,
    I work on a large group of insects (Braconidae) and need some advice on informal names between the familial and subfamilial categories. Presently there are a few groups of subfamilies that are referred to with an oid ending, e.g., microgastroid. I find this too similar or even identical to the informal way one might refer to a superfamily. We were thinking of -formes and -ion. Suggestions and advice are most welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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