[Taxacom] Haplorhini or Haplo(r)rhini?

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Thu Apr 23 18:20:10 CDT 2009

Hi Michael,
      I decided to do a search at "Google Scholar", and Haplorhini had
about 20,000 hits and Haplorrhini only about 100 hits.  A very clear
consensus.  Google Scholar for Strepsirhini had 990 hits, and
Strepsirrhini had 405 hits.  This is a lot closer, but still favors
      I also think the single "r" spellings (Haplorhini and
Strepsirhini) are also probably the correct Greek spellings, so they
appear to have both usage (by scholars) and correct Greek in their
favor.  Perhaps this is one reason priority doesn't apply to ordinal

P.S.  I'm not as interested in the other two names, but it seems likely
that only Catarrhini is correct with the double "r", coming from the
Greek word katarrhous (and catarrhus in Latin).  However, since
Platyrrhini is the other member of this pair, perhaps the double "r" is
best used for both, even if Platyrhini happens to be better Greek.  

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