[Taxacom] informal category between subfamily and family

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Thu Apr 23 22:37:49 CDT 2009

Hi Michael,
      Since you want something informal, I would just name them by what
subfamilies they include.  For instance, the "A-inae + B-inae" clade, or
the "X-inae + Y-inae + Z-inae" clade, or even more subfamilies per clade
if necessary.      
P.S.  In my Class Rosopsida classification, I refer to one such clade in
two ways:  the "core eudicots" (= "Dillenidae + Rosidae + Asteridae"),
although that is between Class and Subclass levels.  Listing the
included subgroups is sufficient, but I also added "core eudicots"
simply because the APG had also given the same grouping that descriptive

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