[Taxacom] Haplorhini or Haplo(r)rhini?

Michael Schmitt m.schmitt at uni-bonn.de
Fri Apr 24 04:45:19 CDT 2009

Dear colleagues,

since Haplorhini etc. are all names for taxa 
above superfamily-level, taxonomists have 
certainly more freedom to decide on certain 
competing spellings. IMHO, "prevailing usage" is 
not the most appropriate means to base scientific 
decisions on, especially if one uses hits found 
by google or other internet search machines.

"Haplorhini" was introduced by Pocock in 1918 
(Proceedings of the zoological Society of London, 
p. 51) using exactly this spelling, while 
"Strepsirrhini", "Catarrhini"  and "Platyrrhini" 
were published by Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 
in 1812 (Annales du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle 
de Paris - no additional data at hand).

Traditional primatologists, as e.g. WCO Osman 
Hill listed these names in exactly this spelling.

                                         best regards

At 22:45 23.04.2009, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>      I assume there are some Greek scholars on the list.  I often see
>Haplorhini spelled with a double "r" (Haplorrhini), and also
>Strepsirhini spelled Strepsirrhini.   Since both forms of these
>spellings seem to be fairly common, perhaps it would be best to go with
>the proper Greek spelling.  I just don't know whether the proper
>spellings are with a single "r" or a double "r".  Would like to see a
>discussion on this and perhaps settle it once and for all.
>       ------Thanks,
>                      Ken Kinman
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