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Michael Heads michael.heads at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 25 21:27:47 CDT 2009

Dear Ken and colleagues,
I don't believe in priority over stability - priority is good only because it causes stability (in the long run). The situation has got so bad that at some primatology conferences the organisers stipulate that both Strepsirrhini and Strepsirhini are permitted. Following the precedent of the grotesque Compositae/Asteraceae, maybe someone will start using strepsirrhini/strepsirhini... The diktats from Brussels or wherever didn't work, so why not go back to the humble taxonomist who wrote the name in the first place? 
Michael Heads

Wellington, New Zealand.

My papers on biogeography are at the Buffalo Museum website: www.sciencebuff.org/research/current-research-activities/john-grehan/evolutionary-biography/panbiogeographic-publications/heads-publications/


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